Education For All event and march held in Zimbabwe

By Tafara Mundere, an A World at School Global Youth Ambassador from Zimbabwe

The Education for All Campaign, which was held in October, started as an initiative by Joshualites and History Makers, who are beneficiaries of the Joshua Nkomo Scholarship and Carpenaum Trust. We have two Global Youth Ambassadors on these scholarships: Nyasa Mudukuti and me.

The campaign started with a march aimed at educating the general public on the plight of rural students who find access to schools hard due to the distances they have to travel every day. The event also aimed at making sure that education is everyone’s responsibility as a Zimbabwean citizen.

The march began at a school called Dominican Convent School and proceeded through the city center and continued all around the city. During the march, chants supporting education for all were said and a newly composed song was melodiously sung by all in all the three languages (Shona, Ndebele and English)….”Education for All. Maximum Support!”

The main event was hosted at the Eveline High School Hall. The Deputy Provincial Education Director (responsible for Infant Education) of Bulawayo, Mrs O. Kaira, was the guest of honour. A number of speakers took to the podium and all of them spoke unanimously about the value of education and the importance of the campaign in bringing education closer to students.

Among the speakers was the Junior Parliamentarian for Mpopoma constituency, who is also a student at Mpopoma High School. She spoke about the importance of education and also showed gratitude to Dr Strive Masiyiwa and Deaconess Tsitsi Masiyiwa for their input in making most of us get the precious gift of education.

As a Global Youth Ambassador I gave a speech specifically emphasising the idea that everyone should take part in the fight to get the 6% of children who are out of school enrolled. At the end I also encouraged people to sign up for the #UpForSchool Petition.

Representing the Joshualites, Morgan Mukamwi presented a speech emphasising the importance of the event and also the aim and motives behind the fundraising. The History Makers were represented by an alumnus who motivated all to take part in making sure every child has all the resources necessary for education.

At the end of the speeches a certificate of appreciation was presented to the Deputy P.E.D who was very pleased by this and promised that their teachers will keep working very hard in delivering and improving education to the children of Zimbabwe.