Emma Telford Wins Prize for Presentation on Preterm Birth

Earlier this year, Emma Telford, a PhD student from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory received a prize for a presentation she gave during the Edinburgh University Neuroscience Day at the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.

Emma’s presentation, entitled ‘Preterm birth is associated with altered social cognition in infancy, assessed using eye-tracking’, is only one of a number of successes, as she has also recently had work published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and was accepted to present other aspects of her PhD at the UK Neonatal Society meeting in Cambridge earlier in the summer. That particular presentation was called ‘Neonatal white matter integrity is explained by a general factor’ and involved her most recent work.

Emma’s work adds to the portfolio of research done by The Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory to help resolve some of the life threatening complications that can arise during pregnancy for both mothers and babies, as well as to support vulnerable newborns.