“Together as one, we have to fight against all odds and work towards the fulfilment of children’s rights”

Global Youth Ambassadors
Global Youth Ambassadors are a network of young people advocating and campaigning for education change (Theirworld)

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In a farewell blog after three years as one of Theirworld's Global Youth Ambassadors, Abhilash Bora writes about the challenges, successes and lessons learned by this movement of young people.

It has been three years since I joined the amazing network of Global Youth Ambassadors in 2014 with hopes, expectations and dreams. 

It was a hope that a voice could bring a change, a voice could break the barriers of ignorance, a voice could help to amplify many other voices to make it a resounding voice of youth who are committed to speak against and raise concerns for the millions of children who are out of school and are lost somewhere. 

Today when I look back at the past three years, with all the memories that I possess, I feel the journey into the unknown has been an enriching, enlightening and encouraging one.

Though the destination which we are destined to reach is delayed a little bit, I am sure we are on track to reach the ultimate destination which we as Global Youth Ambassadors have dreamt of.

To see a world where every child is able to get quality education, where one child can dream and get the things of his/her choice, where gender equality would be achieved, where no child goes hungry, where clean water and sanitary facilities would be accessible and available for all, along with a healthy life.  

These are not just dreams which we dream but a reality that needs to happen without delay. 

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In a previous blog Abhilash wrote about how children suffered in the flood waters of Assam (Abhilash Borah)

The Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 must be highly valued and our policies need to be aligned with them in order to achieve the desired results. 

Humanity in the 21st century has been transcending through periods of turbulence, grief and horror. It is up to us how we see the problems, face the challenges which lie ahead with optimism and work towards a better tomorrow. 

It is possible. With hopes and dreams, we can achieve what we are after and certainly the world is going to be a better place than it has ever been before.

We have enormous challenges and for this we have a potential pool of resources as well. To tap into the resources and mobilise should be our prime concern. If this aspect is taken care of, I believe the work is half-done.

Together as one, we have to fight against all odds and work towards the fulfilment of children’s rights. 

I am in pain because of what we have been seeing – for example, the horrific incidences of chemical attacks in Syria which have killed a many futures.

As I write this letter, I have no words to express my distress – but at the core of my heart, I believe things will change  because each and every child in every corner of the earth cannot live in fear and each has the right to have a peaceful and quality life.

I have become an entirely new person with new perspectives on issues of global importance and gained tons of knowledge Abhilash Bora, Global Youth Ambassador from India

As my time has come to an end, I must say I have enjoyed the companionship of amazing young leaders from Tanzania, Nigeria, the United States of America, Pakistan and many other places.

The three-year term has been an awesome one and even though this chapter has come to a close, the next chapter is certainly going to be a big and interesting one. 

What the A World At School movement has given me is something I’ll cheer for my entire life with fond memories. I have become an entirely new person with new perspectives on issues of global importance and gained tons of knowledge. 

Making the #UpForSchool global education campaign the biggest education advocacy petition in the world – and getting it approved at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 in the presence of the then Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – is something which makes me smile with pride.

That whole year was marvellous!  And that day was the red letter day, when I was invited to attend the UNGA 2015 as a Global Youth Ambassador.

It’s hard to sign out but time goes on and we have to venture out into new avenues. 

With optimism, I believe we can do what we dreamt of. Until then, with hopes towards a brighter tomorrow.

Abhilash Borah 

Former Global Youth Ambassador from India 

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