GBC-Education Event: Investing in Children’s Education

More than 124 million children and youth are out of school across the world. Millions of them are being denied an education because of emergency situations such as wars and natural disasters.

The Sustainable Development Goals include a place at school for every child and adolescent and the opportunity for lifelong learning. But it is clear that governments can’t do that by themselves.

They need financial and other support from businesses and philanthropists. That’s why the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) convened business leaders and development agencies last year to identify how to deliver joint investments in education.

On Thursday, 14th April, GBC-Education hosted the event in Washington, DC, called Stronger Investments, Greater Impact. The businesses and development agencies were back – and the more than 100 attendees include foundations and philanthropic leaders.


Please visit A World at School to read the full summary of the event.