Global Youth Ambassador Brownie is named as a ‘Ugandan hero’

She’s only 23. But Brownie Ebal – one of A World at School’s network of 500 Global Youth Ambassadors in 85 countries – has been named on a list of “Ugandan Heroes”.

Brownie was selected by This Is Uganda blog for “making education accessible to the vulnerable children in Northern Uganda”.

She was named alongside men and women who fought to get independence for Uganda – such as the country’s first president Ignatius K. Musaazi – and “new and unsung heroes of this great country who are making a difference today”.

Brownie co-founded the Kitabu-Buk Project, an NGO operating in Uganda that promotes access to quality education through book donations and advocacy. 

It collects and donates used and new educational books to less privileged children in UPE (Universal Primary Education) schools.

Brownie said: “I feel very proud and happy. I just hope that Uganda and the media continue acknowledging heroes that are making a substantial difference in the lives of other people less privileged than them.”

“As Global Youth Ambassador, i am working on getting people to sign the #UpForSchool Petition.”

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