“100 scholarships will help me to achieve my goal of getting kids into school”

Gya Sylvia Kakyo
Sylvia is passionate about education (Sylvia Kakyo)

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As part of a week celebrating the inspiring work of our Global Youth Ambassadors, we hear from Sylvia Kakyo in Uganda about some exciting news that reflects her passion for education.

Allow me to first share with you a small flashback. In 2013 at the US Embassy in Uganda I was selected to be among the 20 Youth of the Embassy’s Debating Club. 

Immediately after our club’s six-month period, I got an opportunity within the embassy of studying an online course called Democratic Development by Professor Larry Diamond of Stanford University in the US. 

With this course I had an embassy facilitator called Danette, who not only gave me more light about democratic development but also taught me cooperation-collaboration with decision-makers like the Hon. Margaret Zziwa, former Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly.

Gya Sylvia Kakyo 4

The GYA hopes to see every child in school (Sylvia Kakyo)

When I met her recently, it took me back to what I learned at the embassy in 2013. It has helped me to get 100 partial scholarships for the young boys and girls in my community. 

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Happiness is killing me. It was such a great honour for me to be invited by the Hon. Margaret to visit her two secondary schools – St Mary’s High School Migadde and St Margaret College Makerere. Both have “O” and “A” levels and are mixed day and boarding schools. 

Gya Sylvia Kakyo 2

100 partial scholarships have been given to boys and girls (Sylvia Kakyo)

She is so passionate about child education, just like me. She came up with the idea of setting up schools due to her passion and also wanted to get every child in school and have access to quality education. 

As I shared with her my story and what is happening in the community, she was so excited for we have something in common – our passion for child education.

The 100 scholarships is a very great opportunity for me to achieve my goal of getting kids into school and having access to quality education. All children MUST have access to education. 

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