Global Youth Ambassador Simran takes part in child marriage debate

Simran Vedvyas, an A World at School Global Youth Ambassador from the United Arab Emirates, recently participated in an online debate conducted by the national newspaper Gulf News.

It allowed selected participants to speak out on the subject of “girls not brides” – discussing child marriage and the urgent need to save child brides around the world.

Simran started the debate by saying: “As a youth ambassador for A World at School, I strongly agree that it is important to educate girl children and expose them to the power of knowledge, rather than committing them to  a marriage and domestic life.”

She agreed that education is connected with poverty – without education, poverty cannot be eradicated and the power of knowledge can shape a better and more economically stable society for the future. But she believes that education for girls and poverty are two social issues that need to be addressed on a one-to-one basis. 

Gulf News asked for opinions on this statement: “Education is a fundamental solution to the problem as girls who are educated marry later.”

Simran answered: “Women who are educated do marry later on. However, they do so only after supporting their families and securing their futures. It is not a problem, rather an added bonus.”

The debate was reproduced in the Gulf Times print edition

She affirmed that an educated woman will not only stand up for her rights but also for other people’s rights as well.

Simran also amplified the role of global organisations such as UN Women in encouraging the empowerment of women by stressing the importance of education. The education provided to girls will be fundamental in shaping their successful futures.

She suggested that leadership, persistence and global cooperation is vital to save the girls from becoming brides – because all governments and leaders can formulate policy decisions, get them implemented and support the cause as a basic need. 

In Simran’s opinion, the right to education and women empowerment will find a solution by educating girls to change the world. She believes everyone should help implement this. As President Barack Obama said at the UN General Assembly 2012: “The future must not belong to those who bully women. It must be shaped by girls who go to school and those who stand for a world where our daughters can live their dreams just like our sons.”