Hasan, the 13-year-old Syrian refugee who has never been to school

They are in danger of becoming the Lost Generation. The hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children stranded far from their homes in Lebanon.

Too few of them are getting any kind of formal education. A plan to start double shifts in schools to accommodate both the local Lebanese and the Syrian refugee children is on the table.

But in the meantime there is the reality of day-to-day life without schooling and structure.

The story of one boy has been reported by UNICEF. It is not typical – but it is particularly poignant. Hassan, who is 13, has never been to school because of a complex situation surrounding his paperwork.

He was born in Syria to a Syrian father and Lebanese mother – but his birth was never registered. When his parents divorced, this lack of paperwork meant he was not given Syrian citizenship, so could not go to school.

Hassan's mother moved away from the growing conflict in Syria two years, taking him and his two sisters to Lebanon

The family live in an informal tent settlement. They are safe but there is still no education available for Hassan.

He spends his days looking for work to help his mother, who is a part-time housekeeper.

Hassan said: “When I think of Syria I think fear and death. That's why I want to make something of myself to get over all these feelings.

“For now, I am just living one day at a time.”

You can play your part in helping the Syrian refugee children get an education. Our Toolkit For Syria tells you how to Raise Your Voice and Spread the Word.

Picture: UNICEF