Heartbreaking scene that made me determined to help children


The African child…a beacon of hope. From an early age, he toils and sweats earnestly to contribute his quota to the upkeep of his family.

He learns that life is not a bed of roses and fate is unfair. He might as well be an orphan for, whether or not he has a father, that role in his life is neglected…simply put, vacant.

Walking down the street on a scorching Saturday noon, I came across two boys, each not more than 11 years old. The hairs on their heads looked like they had been moulded into crumbs of bread and their skin was as white as snow.

On their plates was a mash of rotten solid in a sea of green liquid, which I knew would be lunch. Like hungry lions about to eat their prey, the boys pounced and devoured it.

The licking of fingers and smacking of lips were signs that they enjoyed the meal. Just as the boys got up, walked a stone’s throw and stooped, I looked and saw a pool of filthy, green-blackish stagnant water from a broken sewage.

It is every parent’s duty to ensure their child gets an education

The boys washed their hands in it, dried them on the rags they had on and off they went, on their journey of the unknown.

Transfixed, I sat as tears streamed down my cheeks. Guilty, I bowed my head in shame for I felt a duty to these kids. 

Is this not what love is all about – caring for your fellow man? Walking home, I said a prayer for those kids. I was determined to help such kids as my capacity lends me.

Every child is entitled to be loved, deserves to live like a king until he/she comes of age and is able to fend for himself or herself.

It is the duty of every parent to ensure that his/her child enjoys the luxuries he/she never had and to get the education he/she would never have. For in the end, who gets the honour?

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