Help orphans to get #UpForSchool and have a brighter future

As an AWAS Global Youth Ambassador, I was inspired to spend the New Year with orphans because I believe they have a role to play in the #UpForSchool campaign to get every child back into learning. We need to get them involved – the orphans, beggars on the street and less privileged need us.

Like every other child, they face more challenges and are at greater risk living and growing up without parental care which can affect their mental state of mind. By interacting with the orphans, I discovered they are intelligent, smart, willing to learn, break limits and soar higher in life.

We need to give orphans all over the world a platform where their voices will be heard. They desire and deserve the best in everything including: quality education, healthcare, basic learning and writing materials, adequate security, well-trained teachers, improved water supply, basic school and health facilities and, above all, love for a sound mind and healthy body.

I am motivated, touched and inspired by the aspirations of these young children. Let us work together to give them a reason to be hopeful and live a healthy lifestyle for a brighter future which starts now!

We, the Global Youth Ambassadors for A World at School, are here to give voice and hope to children all over the world, irrespective of their race, tribe, color, religion, ethnic background, ability or disability.

Do something by signing the petition and standing #UpForSchool. Thank you.