“As a teacher it is my job to motivate her and inspire her to achieve.”

Natalie Berkman is a girl who is autistic, as well as being deaf and dumb.

She hails from China and is a girl who is highly inspired by Erin (who I wrote about in another blog) and is motivated to do something in life.

She faces lot of peer pressure and gets demotivated at times due to the external surroundings. But, of course, as a teacher it is my job to motivate her and inspire her to achieve.

In all these difficulties that she faces, she has a friend named Wang Ho who tries to help her out despite the peer pressure he faces as he talks to her. But he is not bothered and helps this girl.

As a teacher, I motivate her and give her the courage to face all the obstacles that she has in life.

With regard to her subject, I give her all the notes that I have made. She finds those notes simple and easy to understand.

A teacher feels very proud of their students when they do well. Today as a teacher I dwell in joy to see Natalie top her semester.

She is an inspiration to the world and I salute her spirit to achieve against all odds posed by life to her.

I love being a teacher! Teaching is my passion and it gives me joy to see students achieve in life.