Helping Nigerian teens to Dare to Dream

With the new Sustainable Development Goals kicking off and launching the #GlobalGoals, work still continues in getting more children into school to be able to meet our targets by 2030.

In partnership with NextGen Africa Initiative, we hosted youths at a discussion on Africa’s future – but more importantly for us to brainstorm on local problems and proffer solutions that can be applied globally in the “Dare to Dream Teens Workshop”.

The basic aim was to see the individual as the starting point for a transformation in the society and explore the ripple effect it will create. Participants had an encouraging and impactful sessions from other facilitators.

After identifying problems they will love to solve as individuals, they were divided into four groups to explore the power of team work and collectivity in discovering common pressing societal problems especially around education and come up with solutions.

The feedback presentations were awesome as teams came up with great resolutions on constructing a well-furnished library, pressing grass root government to increase support for education, hosting an outreach to rural areas to encourage parents to release their children to school and not farms etc.

We are positive that, together, we can get 59million children out of school and back into school – that is why we are standing #UpForSchool #SDGs4 #GlobalGoals.

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