Hope for Syria’s Young Talent

As part of our campaign to ensure that one million Syrian refugee children are not denied their right to an education, A World At School has released a new film today about the threat posed to Syria’s bright young talent and the potential to change the world that might go unrealised.

Samir (13), Abdulrahman (12) and Mohammed (9) arrived in Lebanon as refugees four years ago with their family. They were out of school for over a year, before attending a public school in the Bekaa under a double shift system. They love to learn, and they love to rap! They started learning songs, because it gave them something to do, something to channel what they had experienced and bonded them as brothers. It helped them tell their story when they didn’t know how.

These three talented brothers are not alone. Every Syrian refugee, just like every child around the world, is full of potential and talent. And they need education to realise these talents, reach their potential and have a brighter future. That’s why we’re shining a spotlight on Syria’s young talent and asking you to join us.

This video and the Hope For Syria’s Young Talent petition are part of our campaign for world leaders to invest in education and ensure one million Syrian children in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey are in school and learning. Within weeks world leaders will meet at a Pledging conference on Syria in London. They have an unprecedented opportunity to commit the funding and action to get every child in school.

If you are interested in taking further action, please share this video widely to help raise awareness for our campaign. Sign our petition here and share on Twitter and Facebook.

This short was filmed in Lebanon with Silverfish Media. UK charity Theirworld produced it with the help of Sonbola, who helped identify the family in the film. The boys have been using their informal learning spaces to help develop their education and talent. Sonbola is an educational initiative, working to provide quality education and interactive learning for Syrian refugee children in Bekaa while investing in empowering and developing teaching skills of Syrian professionals.