Horror of fathers who sell their daughters to be Boko Haram suicide bombers

Nigeria has been facing insecurity challenges lately, one of which is insurgency.

Boko Haram has been leashing terror on children, school premises, abducting school girls, using young and innocent children as suicide bombers and recruiting child soldiers. It is indeed a very traumatic and heartbreaking situation.

A few days ago, it was revealed that parents in the northeastern region of Nigeria are selling their young daughters to Boko Haram as potential suicide bombers, at the cost of 150,000 naira ($750) only. This has kept me thinking about how poverty and ignorance can lead people to get involved in an inhumane act.

One of the girls sacrificed by her dad for money and wired with explosive vest and detonator reported to security. The dad had spread his mat in preparation for funeral prayers for his daughter when he was arrested. Interrogations led to further revelations of parents who were about to receive payments for supplying their daughters as suicide bombers.

Most of the abducted children rescued from Boko Haram camps cannot even remember their identity; this could happen to anybody anywhere and anytime. I urge everyone to join A World at School’s Global Youth Ambassadors to stand up against terror and violence against marginalised children and young girls globally. Terror on one is terror on all.

Children have the right to be treated well and safe because it is their human right. Raise your voice and take action for the safety of girls and children everywhere, to ensure they get back into school and learning by signing the #UpForSchool Petition. Thank you.