How a pencil or notebook can change the life of a Nigerian child

In Nigeria, many children don’t attend school for lack of the most basic supplies. A notebook or pencil can stand in the way of a child receiving or not receiving education and can cause a child to drop out of school.

The Pencils for Schools project was initiated to encourage kids to attend school and stay in school. We held an event in late February at the Central School Umueze 1 in Ehime Mbano, Imo State, with more than 350 schoolchildren. 

During my event, I distributed over 300 pencils to school kids, spoke to them about the #UpForSchool campaign, asked them to stand #UpForSchool and sign the petition. I believe by providing these children with necessary materials, such as pencils, it will help give them a vital boost in getting the best out of their studies.

Every child’s dream is an education that gives them skills and confidence. I also provided ball pens and coloured pencils to the teachers. These basic supplies allows the teachers to keep their classrooms functioning on a day-to-day basis. And the teachers were thankful – they signed the petition and stood #UpForSchool.

Education is a fundamental human right: every child is entitled to it. It is critical to our development as individuals and as societies and it helps pave the way to a successful and productive future.

When we ensure that children have access to a rights-based, quality education that is rooted in gender equality, we create a ripple effect of opportunity that impacts generations to come.

As a Global Youth Ambassador, I am committed to supporting the right of every child to at least a basic education. I am driven by a sense of responsibility and love towards the children. Learn to read and write and life gets easier – that is what I believe. Plus there is hope if we share the gift of education and encourage children’s passion to learn with supportive materials.

It’s so amazing how something as small as a pencil, something many people take for granted, could bring such joy, excitement and opportunity to children’s lives. These pencils represent the importance and value of education. The impact on the children who received the pencils was dramatic.

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