Image from Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory selected for exhibition

An image from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory has been selected for an exhibition in Edinburgh. The exhibition is titled “The Brain – is wider than the sky” and will be on show for the first time in St Andrew Square until the 4th of July.

The collection of pictures were created using MRI scans, microscopic images and electrical monitoring. Each image uses a kaleidoscope of colours to highlight neurons, electrical connections between cells, and other brain activity.

The image created in the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory (shown below) is titled ‘Wiring the brain’ – and shows detailed maps of brain wiring in a sleeping newborn baby (left) and an adult in their seventies (right) visualised using MRI. The coloured lines represent the wires of the brain that form the basis of the human “neural network.” These images came from studies designed to assess the effect of premature birth on the development of brain connections and to identify areas of age related damage (shown as blue solids) in older adults.

(c) Dr James Boardman

Our talented and dedicated team of scientists in the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory continue to advance a range of pioneering new research projects that are making real progress towards resolving some of the life threatening complications that can arise during pregnancy for both mothers and babies.

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