Pictures of the year: Joy, fear and hope on the faces of children

Some of the best photos of 2018 as we highlighted the importance of education and early years care for every child.

What many believe is impossible – educating every child in the world – Theirworld knows is possible. We work to unlock the solutions needed, helping every child to have the best possible start in life. 

That means investing in early childhood development and ensuring every child is in school and learning. Our commitment is to the most marginalised children and young people, especially those caught up in conflicts and humanitarian emergencies or discriminated against.

Throughout the year – in our Their News and Voices channels – we tell the stories of children and young people who are facing severe challenges – and those who have been helped over the hurdles and into a better life.

Along the way, we see joy and despair, horror and hope – often on the faces of children in the pictures we publish. Here we look at some of the best photographs featured on Theirworld’s website during 2018.