In pictures: life for Syrian refugee children at makeshift camp in Jordan

A series of pictures taken at a makeshift refugee camp in west Jordan show what life is like for many Syrian refugee children.

The photographs were taken in early March in the town of Al Karama. About 50 families –  all from the Syrian city of Hama – live in tents at the camp.

They travel around Jordan every couple of months to avoid hot or cold weather and to find agricultural work that is provided for them depending on relief each season.

Eighty percent of Syrian refugees in Jordan live outside the four legal camps where they can find work.

Education campaigner Malala Yousafzai visited the Jordan-Syria border in February to meet and talk to refugee children and their families.

UNHRC, the UN refugee agency, says it now has 600,000 Syrian refugees registered in Jordan.

Charities and aid agencies are helping many of the refugee children to get an education in temporary learning spaces.

But, as these pictures show, life for many Syrian refugee children has little structure or schooling and more help is needed to avoid them becoming a lost generation.