“We dream of building a society in which all children have the privilege to attend school”

India for Global Education is an initiative of the youth of India, which I started to provide them an opportunity to interact and take action on Sustainable Development Goal 4 – “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

It provides a platform for the youth to understand the meaning and significance of global education and the crisis faced by it.  

India for Global Education is partnering with the youth and youth-led organisations as well as NGOs, civil society and the government to analyse the current educational situation in a district, state or a region and sometimes nationally and internationally.

We then brainstorm to formulate strategies and policies or projects which could be implemented so as to:  

  • Put more children back in school
  • Provide quality education to children
  • Increase the number of schools in the area through government and civil society interference â¨
  • Increase the efficiency of pre-existing educational projects and campaigns
  • Advocate for all sub-targets of SDG 4
  • Provide the youth with a platform and means to learn advocacy and help them advocate for SDG 4

Through our efforts, we dream of building a society in which all children have the privilege to attend school. We also want to inspire a generation to not just become literate but to get educated in all ways, including their character and ability.

We also dream to inspire and encourage those who have the privilege of education to become passionate and skilled in order to find solutions for the problems faced by the world today.

This is our effort to join in the Global Education First Initiative of the United Nations Secretary-General. 

Education builds up the basic foundation of human civilisation. Today the world witnesses a lot of conflicts and wars. Peace, which is the basic need of human civilisation, is being dominated by widespread violence and problems caused by wars.

India for Global Education as an initiative, which is a part of Youth for Peace, aims to use global education as a tool for bringing peace to this world.

In all our work towards humanitarian action, we aim to use the tools of gender equality and global education so as to bring peace by educating the multitudes and bringing equality into society to make a better world to live in.

This, we believe, removes conflicts by providing equal status and opportunity, which are the basic steps to remove conflicts and bring peace.

Our initiative is currently working in refugee camps as well as schools in regions which have been affected by civil wars or natural disasters in order to stabilise the situation with gender equality and education as basic tools of our humanitarian actions.  

We welcome all kinds of organisations, NGOs , governments and other bodies to join in the efforts of bringing peace to the world via gender equality and global education. 

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