Inspirational meetings at Women of the World’s Speed Mentoring Sessions

It was an early call time on Friday morning as hundreds of mentors from across professions came together with young girls from schools around London for speed mentoring on two circuits on the London Eye.

A yachtswoman, a top lawyer, an equality in sports consultant, a project manager for some of London’s biggest construction projects: these were just some of the inspirational women I met today as we came together to mentor young girls from schools across London for Women of the World’s speed mentoring session on International Day of the Girl. We were paired up with girls all at school from 11-18 years old wanting to be doctors, police women, actors and gave advice and tips.

It was inspiring to meet so many young girls who knew what they wanted to be and were all working hard to get there. I never did go on to be the vet or the lawyer that I wanted to be, had you asked me age 12; but there are people all along the journey who have given me advice or taught me lessons along the way that have led me to the next stage. I’m very lucky in the jobs I have had to meet some incredible and inspirational women and I always try to soak up something, to take with me, and ask how they did it.

Having role models and mentors is such an important part of how we all develop, and to give us the opportunity to reach our full potential. At Theirworld we believe every girl and boy should have the opportunity of a bright future and that’s why through our small grants projects in the UK we are supporting charities such as Chance UK who provide mentoring for girls and boys with behavioural difficulties and also East London Business Alliance’s Mentoring Works. All doing incredible work to reach the kids from the most vulnerable backgrounds.

Girls matter every day, but International Day of the Girl is a good day to remind people why getting it right for girls through education, health and empowerment can not only change the life of girls, but their families and communities for generations to come.

This year, for International Day of the Girl, Theirworld is publishing a working paper in collaboration with the Global Business Coalition for Education, which looks at the educational journey of a girl, and how businesses can better target their investments to change the lives of millions of girls around the world.

Christianne Cavaliere

Planning and Partnerships Director

Find out more about the report here