Investing in education: lessons from the business community

The Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education) has launched a report in advance of the approval of the development agenda for education for 2030. Investing in Education: Lessons from the Business Community, developed with the UN Global Compact, features a diverse set of responsible investments by six GBC-Education member companies and shares lessons that can inspire other businesses to support the education targets for the next 15 years.

Founded in 2012, GBC-Education is an initiative of Theirworld which seeks to bring together the expertise and resources of the business community with the campaign for global education. With this report, GBC-Education displays a new framework to guide on making the business case for investments in education and planning for impact.

Sarah Brown, Executive Chair of GBC-Education and President of Theirworld said: “Business is playing a transformative role in elevating education as a political, social and economic priority, and can help ensure the right of every child and youth to receive a quality education by supporting government in the delivery of education. Business is uniquely positioned to support and create sustainable and scalable solutions to address the world’s pressing education needs. We hope these examples help open new doors for investments in education by the business community.”

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