Jane Hamerton Personalised Towel

Check out the Theirworld shop for some of our latest featured products. This month we are very excited to announce the sale of Jane Hamerton personalised towels.

Jane Hamerton’s pure Egyptian cotton towels make stunning presents for babies. Every soft, fluffy towel is personalised with handmade fabric letters with the choice of two special edition fabrics for Theirworld. A special handmade gift you can’t buy on the high street. Each towel will be beautifully gift wrapped and £5 from every towel sold will go to Theirworld. 

“I feel so proud to be part of the fundraising for Theirworld. Pioneering work is being carried out scientifically for neonatal research, in mentoring projects for girls and women in their careers, and the 500-Day Countdown for the #upforschoolproject. These are big campaigns, but with so many partners behind the team, we should be able to make a huge difference to people across the world.”

Jane Hamerton

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