Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory represented at international gathering

Researchers from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory presented at the meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in San Diego – one of the world’s largest academic meetings for perinatal neuroscience.

Dr Emma Moore (left) with Dr Sarah Sparrow (right) at the conference

Dr Emma Moore presented her research on how eye-tracking techniques can explore the link between preterm birth and social cognition in infancy.

Dr Sarah Sparrow presented her paper, entitled “Epigenetic modification: a putative biological link between preterm birth and neurocognitive impairment”, discussing how preterm birth can affect the way certain genes are read, particularly those known to be important for normal growth and function of the brain. Her work showed how these changes might contribute to neurodevelopmental impairment which can be experienced by survivors of preterm birth.

Their work was very well received by the large international audience and the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory gained the attention of the academic community.