John Leon Juma – Global Youth Ambassador November 2020

Global Youth Ambassadors, GYA of the month

Theirworld's work would not be possible without our network of nearly 1000 Global Youth Ambassadors from around the world. Each month, we highlight the work of one or two of them and the amazing work they do to get every child into school.

John Leon Juma is a GYA living in Kenya with spina bifida. He shares his experiences on inclusive education and the importance of speaking up and using your voice.

Leon first spoke up when he started college and realised he wasn’t comfortable studying in a place where he wasn’t understood. The college wasn’t accessible and the number of students with disabilities was very low. One day he decided to talk to the administration and tell them what was required to support him and students like him in their education. It was a huge success. The college made reforms and as we speak the school is disability friendly and has more students with disabilities who enjoy studying there.

“I learnt a lot about the importance of inclusive education and also quality health. This gave me a lot of knowledge on the importance of advocacy and using my voice as a tool to fight for change leaving no one behind. I am happy that I joined Theirworld earlier this year to continue with my passion for inclusive education.”

“My mission is to give hope and encourage my fellow youth and students with disabilities to speak up and to emphasise to our governments that inclusive education is a matter that needs to be taken seriously. When we live in a world where all children study together we will eradicate discrimination and negativity and everyone will be treated equally. I will never rest until my message is received and inclusive education implemented.”

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