Kenyan TV star Jacky Vike joins in the Global Tantrum

Kenyan TV star Jacky Vike has a tantrum in a new Theirworld video

Theirworld’s Global Tantrum is making a big noise already.

Actor and comedian Matt Lucas kicked off our protest last week, with a video showing him behaving like a frustrated toddler at the lack of action by world leaders on early years care and education. It’s been watched more than 100,000 times.

Now we have a new Global Tantrum film featuring Jacky Vike. She’s a household name in Kenya through her acting work on TV and in films – but also as a comedian, radio host and content creator with millions of social media followers.

In the video, Jacky – who played Awinja in the popular Kenyan TV sitcom Papa Shirandula – sulks, screams and stamps her feet over the lack of early years support.

Watch Jacky’s tantrum

You can also watch Jacky’s tantrum in Swahili, in which she brings back her character Awinja.

Jacky, 36, said: “As a mother, I know first-hand the importance of early years education. I’m supporting the Global Tantrum to stand up for the children who don’t yet have a voice.

“We need change to make sure they are given the education they deserve. It’s their right, make it happen.”

Other celebrities from around the world are set to join the Global Tantrum in the coming weeks. Theirworld is campaigning for all countries and international donors to invest 10% of their education budgets in early years education and development. Kenya currently spends just 1.8%.

The Global Tantrum is part of Theirworld’s Act For Early Years campaign. To get the best start in life, children need the right support to ensure they develop well and are ready for school. But more than half of the world’s children – about 350 million – have no access to childcare and 175 million are not enrolled in pre-primary education.

Theirworld Chair Sarah Brown said: “Jacky and many more are joining Theirworld in throwing a ‘tantrum’ to show enough is enough and urgent change is so desperately needed.

“Although the Global Tantrum is a fun, light-hearted action, it is here to highlight a critical issue. We need world leaders to listen after years of failed pledges and promises.”

As well as celebrities like Matt and Jacky, young children are also getting involved in the Global Tantrum – by producing their own posters. As part of the Act For Early Years campaign, we’ll take the posters to presidents, prime ministers and other leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in September.

Submit a poster to world leaders

Anyone under the age of eight can join in. Here’s how to do it (with a little help from someone older).

Step 1. Get a poster

Download one of our Global Tantrum posters. Print it or open it in a drawing app. There are prewritten messages or children can write their own.

Step 2. Give to children to draw

Children can use anything to colour in the words or draw a picture of something “angry”. They can include their own message. Add the child’s first name and age.

Step 3. Share their poster

Take a picture of the finished poster and post it on social media with the hashtag #GlobalTantrum. Or email the poster to [email protected].

You can also share Matt’s tantrum or make your own tantrum. Find out how.