Kick Off Your World Cup Fundraiser

Hold a football fundraiser for Theirworld with a limited edition Theirworld Football.
To get you started we have come up with some ideas.

Mini World Cup tournament
Organise your own mini Theirworld Cup tournament with a fee to enter or watch.
Make the event more interesting with prizes for the winner, the best kit, worst dressed team, best goal, what the final score will be or who will score the winner.

Penalty shootout
As England knows all too well, it can often come down to the all important penalty shootout. Why not host your own lunch time shootout where participants pay a fee and the team or individual player with the most goals wins.

What is your keepy-uppy personal best?
Show off your skills and see who in the office or your group of friends can do the greatest number of keepy-uppies in a row. Players can pay to enter and you can provide a prize for the winner.

World Cup sweepstake
How about the classic sweepstake to bring out your colleagues’ competitive side? Everyone pays to enter and picks a team out of a hat to support during the tournament.

Wear-your-team’s-shirt-to-work day
Wear your shirt with pride. Show your support for club or country and pay to wear your football shirt to work.

World Cup bake-off

From ginger bread football players to a new recipe from one of the competing countries, everyone loves a bake sale.

World Cup quiz
Test your family, friends and colleagues with a football-themed quiz night. A great event to show off your knowledge.

World Cup screening
Why not organise a World Cup Screening for when England are playing? You could organise this at work and ask your employer to supply the drinks, and charge £2 for entry. Or if you can’t do this at work, a local football club or pub might donate the venue free of charge or in exchange for part or all of the income from the bar, or maybe your local town hall will be able to help! You could even hold a party afterwards.

No more football
We don’t all live and breathe football so why not set those that do a challenge with a World Cup fine jar. Pick a date during the tournament in which no one can mention football – if they do they have to pay a fine.

If you are interested in holding any of these fundraising events for Theirworld, or have ideas of your own, please get in touch via email to [email protected].
We can answer any questions you may have, send you our useful fundraising pack which has lots of tips and tricks on how to hold a successful fundraiser and would love to help with advertising your event to our followers through social media.

Your support for Theirworld will help us to make a brighter future for every child.

Thank you