Latest GBC-Education affiliate supports Safe Schools in Pakistan

The newest company to be affiliated with the Global Business Coalition for Education is lending its services to support the Safe Schools Initiative in Pakistan.

Predictify.Me, a US-based data sciences and predictive analytics firm, is the latest company to join the GBC-Education #smartinvestment Network. Utilising the work of its co-founder Zeehan Usmani, Predictify.Me will also contribute to the Pakistan Safe Schools Initiative by helping to test the security of schools and produce recommendations for enhancing the security of schools and communities.

More than 1,000 schools have been attacked in the past five years in a single province alone, including the attacks in Peshawar last December. Yet the potential of this programme to improve the situation is substantial. If successful, it could be expanded to all 200,000 schools in Pakistan, a nation where 32 per cent of children still do not have access to education. 

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