MAKE WAVES for Malala

We want everyone to participate in our campaign to get every girl and boy into school – including kids who are currently in school. An organization called Makewaves has helped make that possible by creating an A World at School page where students and teachers can work together in a safe, online community.

By using the Makewaves site, students are supporting, as well as creating, their own stories, videos, photos, drawings, etc. It is an easy way to spread the word about a cause that is important to you – like, putting 57 million children into school.

Makewaves has a built in community of passionate young people – over 75,000 – and we are thrilled to be one of their current badge missions.

Makewaves makes it easy to learn about the issue and support our petition, asking school children to share stories, videos and podcasts about why education is important to them. You can also learn more about Malala's story, as well as some other young girls from elsewhere in the world, like Ratni and Mariam.

We're starting to see some amazing engagement from Makewaves members. You can make a video message, like Lily did – how brilliant is that?!

Students have also been writing letters to the Secretary General of the United Nations, and creating videos, photos and drawings in support of the campaign. And what's great is that Makewaves is a safe space for children to have their say, and put their opinions and ideas out in the world.

Students like those from Makewaves can and will make a huge difference and from us, we'd like to thank Makewaves and its members for standing with Malala.

A big thanks to Makewaves for the continued support!

You can stand with Malala, too, by checking out the Makewaves A World at School page.


Emma Jordan is a summer Project Assistant with A World at School.