Malala’s day of silence for girls’ rights is backed by celebrities


Celebrities are backing a worldwide sponsored day of silence tomorrow which was set up by Malala Yousafzai.

A video has been released featuring Selena Gomez, Orlando Bloom, Martin Sheen, Jennifer Hudson, Edward Norton, Seth Rogan and Clive Owen to mark the We Are Silent campaign.

They tell in their own voices the story of Malala, who was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan.

Malala is encouraging people to go silent for 24 hours to raise awareness of the plight of girls around the world who live in poverty, are exploited and who do not go to school

She said: “On April 17, I will be silent to support those around the world who are denied their rights, denied an education and denied a voice to speak out.

“We all have the right to be heard. By being silent, I hope the world will listen to the silenced voices of girls who want to go to school, and young people around the world who are struggling for equality.”

Malala, who now lives in England, wants people to make their voices heard instead through social media tomorrow.

You can find out more here about We Are Silent, including resources for school teachers.