How Meghan Markle helped to champion education for girls

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Meghan Markle has embarked on a life of royal tours, walkabouts and meeting people after her engagement to Prince Harry.

But the American actor is no stranger to foreign trips or helping to make a difference in the lives of others.

As a charity ambassador, Meghan went to Rwanda to highlight how having toilets can mean the difference between girls getting an education or not.

Many female students drop out of school because of a lack of toilets and safe separate facilities at their schools.

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She saw firsthand the impact that clean water has on the lives of children and communities

With the charity World Vision, Meghan visited a Rwandan school where girls are able to attend because toilets have been built.

In a video of her visit, the 35-year-old American said: “In the past year that this has been built, what is amazing is that 200 more students have enrolled. 

“What seems like something to simple to us has really changed the community and these kids’ ability to stay in school and maximise their education and learning. It’s the little things that have the biggest impact.”

During a week-long visit, Meghan also trekked to unclean water sources, visited clean water projects, helped build a well and met many Rwandans whose hospitality and stories made a lasting impression.

In a second video, she was seen helping to turn a manual drilling rig to make a new well. The new boreholes mean girls can go to school rather than spend hours each day walking to collect water.

On a separate visit to India in January this year, Meghan went to Delhi and Mumbai and visited projects designed to remove barriers to education for girls.

Meghan made her first royal visit with Prince Harry on Friday, when they went to the English city of Nottingham. She will give up her role with World Vision to concentrate on royal duties.

World Vision: “We are grateful to Meghan, who has been a World Vision ambassador for the past two years and has helped us support the world’s most vulnerable children. 

“Her humanitarian work has taken her to Rwanda and India, where she has inspired and transformed the lives of many children. We wish the couple every happiness together.”

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