Metro reports on a new study from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory

We are delighted to see research from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory has been reported in the Scottish Metro today (page 21), Tuesday 20th May.

The report describes how researchers from the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory have identified a link between injury to the developing brain and common variation in genes associated with schizophrenia and the metabolism of fat.

With premature births accounting for 10 per cent of all births worldwide, this ground-breaking research is vital to solving some of the most devastating pregnancy problems and finding better ways to look after premature babies, an issue very close the heart of Theirworld.

Although scientists say they do not fully understand the processes that lead to these problems in some infants, the establishment of this link creates areas for future study.
Dr James Boardman, scientific director of the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory, said:

“Environmental factors such as degree of prematurity at birth and infection play a part, but, as our study has found, they are not the whole story and genetic factors have a role in conferring risk or resilience. We hope that our findings will lead to new understanding about the mechanisms that lead to brain injury and ultimately new neuroprotective treatment strategies for preterm babies.”

Theirworld has supported the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory for over ten years, and seen its scientific team grow and flourish.