Miracle Baby at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

MIRACLE baby Emily Cressey was so small at birth she could fit in the palm of her mum’s hand.

Tiny Emily – believed to be the UK’s youngest surviving birth – weighed just 535g (1lb 3oz) when she came into the world on February 27 at just 24 weeks.

Her survival chances were slim but weeks later, she is thriving in a special care unit at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and now weighs 736g (1lb 10oz).

Mum Claire, 34, from Coldstream in the Scottish borders, told how she was allowed to cuddle her frail little girl for the first time on Sunday – Mother’s Day – and described it as “the best moment of my life”.

The planned cuddle was meant to last for 10 minutes but was stretched to 20 minutes because Emily responded so well to her mum’s touch.

Claire said: “I cried before the nurse brought her out. It was so emotional. She snuggled up to my chest and fell asleep.”

The Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory funded by Theirworld is based at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh.


After a 3 month wait, Emily Cressey is allowed home.
The proud mother wrote on her social networking site:

“This is an update I’ve been dreaming of making… She is now off oxygen and ready for her big day. I’m lost for words. It’s taken a couple of hours to sink in, and for me to announce this after months of waiting and praying, it’s now time, so many tears of joy.”