Our Young Financial Ambassadors will help India to financial literacy

As a Global Youth Ambassador, I’m proud to share that I’ve personally been able to collect 450 signatures for the #UpforSchool campaign.

I fully support the campaign so that every child has the opportunity to attend school. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this noble cause. 

In addition to my activities as a GYA, advocating for the right to education in India, I began an initiative called the Stock Market Institute Student Ambassador programme. It aims to increase financial literacy in India.

Here’s an overview: 

Name: Stock Market Institute Student Ambassador (SMISA)

About us:  SMISA is an initiative supported by Stock Market Institute and run by 20 Youth Ambassadors who were shortlisted from over 250 educational institutions two years ago in Bangalore, India.

We believe if an individual is given the right skill, he or she can have a great impact on society. We at SMISA have taken the initiative to nurture and create Young Financial Ambassadors at the college level to spread financial literacy and inspire healthy investing habits.

During the course of becoming SMI’s ambassadors, students are trained and mentored on the nuances of financial products and services, communication skills, leadership qualities, public speaking etiquette, networking and entrepreneurship.

Mission: Spread financial literacy through our team of Young Financial Ambassadors to ensure that by 2020 India will be the most financial literate country in the world.

Process: These Ambassadors are handpicked, trained, nurtured and empowered to make a difference.

Result: Season 1 (2013) – 20 Ambassadors impacted 1500 lives by spreading financial literacy. Season 2 (2014) – 20 Ambassadors impacted 4500 lives by spreading financial literacy. Stock Market Institute as a company has been spreading financial literacy via various means. It has touched over 40,000 lives and more than 250 education institutions in four years.

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