Pictured: the Nigerian boy who does chores when he wants to be in school

Education empowers, strengthens and protects children in multiple ways. It is perhaps the most effective solution and is therefore a cornerstone of preventing child labour.

Worldwide, 215 million children are forced into cheap labour. Children should not be denied a chance to be children.

Nsed is 12 years old, living with the uncle and his family in Nasarawa state, Nigeria. I noticed Nsed is not in school and decided to ask him why he is out of school and does all the house chores alone.

I captured him in a photo while he was doing one of the house chores to commemorate World Day Against Child Labour.

Global Youth Ambassador Joy Tiku Enighe

He said “I am not in school because I am helping my aunty to babysit while she is at work and I do all the house chores because my uncle’s children are in school and they are still kids.

“I like what I am doing now but I hope to get back into school soon.”

I urge everyone to stand up with A World at School Global Youth Ambassadors against child labour and take the necessary action to eliminate it.

Every child deserves the right to be protected from child labour and fundamental human rights. Thank you!

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