Ponfa Miri – Global Youth Ambassador July 2021

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Theirworld's work would not be possible without our network of nearly 1000 Global Youth Ambassadors from around the world. Each month, we highlight the work of one or two of them and the amazing work they do to get every child into school.

GYA Ponfa Miri, also from Nigeria, spoke to us about the work he has been doing, promoting SDGs in rural communities, and working with young people to advocate for ecosystem restoration and climate resilience. 

Can you tell us more about your work?

I work with young people, organisations and communities to promote and advocate for the sustainable development goals in northern Nigeria. Through this, I have engaged in multiple projects shaped by the SDGs that focus on inclusive education and climate action. 

Our first project is the “4th Avenue” public library, that seeks to promote inclusive and equitable education in rural communities. We have been able to set up public spaces, where young people can discover, connect and share to push their intellectual curiosity and prepare for work with access to 600+ books.  

The #GoGreenPlateau is an advocacy awareness campaign that I am involved in. It is an opportunity for young people to get involved in ecosystem restoration. We have planted 2,500 trees to drive sustainable change and promote a healthy environment.  

What inspired you to take action?

Many of these initiatives were born out of an intense passion to actively contribute to raising young leaders, and thoroughly informed citizens.  

I am constantly inspired by young people, especially those in the GYA network who are doing amazing things. They have shown me that we must build a resilient future, where young people are strong enough to make a difference. Even in the smallest of communities, and even with limited resources, young people can reach so many people and make a powerful difference. 

What are your future goals?

I am looking forward to setting up more public libraries, in other communities within northern Nigeria to combat the poor education system challenges we face. We also hope to continue our #GoGreenPlateau campaign and aim to plant 17,000 trees in 2021. 

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