Special T-shirt to raise funds for #RewritingTheCode campaign

Rewriting The Code T Shirt Made By Rose And Willard

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A unisex T-shirt has been designed to promote the message of Theirworld's campaign to highlight the hidden codes that hold back girls and women.

Had enough of gender inequality? Fed up of the embedded values that prevent girls and women from accessing education and fulfilling their potential?

Theirworld’s #RewritingTheCode campaign is about highlighting the hidden codes that hold females back at school, in the workplace and in everyday life.

Now you can show your support for this great cause – and help to raise funds for Theirworld’s work. A fabulous unisex T-shirt with our campaign messaging has been produced by Rose & Willard, the British company that makes ethical, eco-friendly clothes.

“The T-shirt is made with kindness to people and the environment and profits from its sale will be donated to Theirworld,” said Rose & Willard.

“The #RewritingTheCode campaign T-shirt seeks to challenge the embedded values and attitudes that prevent girls and women around the world from access to education and achieving their full potential.

“The campaign spotlights discrimination against women and girls and empowers even the most vulnerable to fight for a better future.”

Buy a #RewritingTheCode T-shirt.

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