Singer Kimberly Wyatt joins our Global Tantrum

Kimberly Wyatt is the latest celebrity to join Theirworld's Global Tantrum protest (Picture: Social Bull)

The former Pussycat Dolls star is the latest celebrity to protest about the early years crisis - behaving like a frustrated toddler in a hilarious film with an important message.

First it was British actor and comedian Matt Lucas. Then it was Kenyan TV star Jacky Vike.

Now the latest celebrity to join Theirworld’s Global Tantrum is American singer, actor and TV presenter Kimberly Wyatt.

The former Pussycat Dolls star behaves like a frustrated toddler at a dance studio in a new video that’s hilarious but with a very serious message. Kimberly is protesting at the lack of support for children missing out on early years care and education.

Watch Kimberly’s tantrum

More celebrities will be joining the Global Tantrum in coming weeks. Part of Theirworld’s Act For Early Years campaign, the protest sends a strong message to world leaders that they need to invest in the youngest children.

Kimberly, who has three children, said: “People are struggling. We are now a society that requires both parents to work as a necessity which means we need to provide proper, affordable care for our children.

“Give families the support they need when they need it most.”

Theirworld will take the Global Tantrum to the United Nations General Assembly in New York in September to raise awareness among world leaders.

350 million

Children have no access to childcare

More than half of the world’s children have no access to childcare and 175 million are not enrolled in pre-primary education. Without the right early years support, children fall behind even before they have started school.

Theirworld Chair Sarah Brown said: “We’re urgently in need of a global revolution in early years provision to solve this problem. And it is without a doubt our responsibility to drive this change to improve the lives of millions of children who are being left behind and let down.

“This is why Kimberly, Matt, Jacky and many more are joining the Global Tantrum to show enough is enough and urgent change is so desperately needed. We need world leaders to listen after years of failed pledges and promises – and there’s no better way to do this than having a tantrum!”

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The Act For Early Years campaign calls for leaders to address the early years crisis. In 2018, G20 countries made a ground-breaking commitment to the world’s youngest children – but those pledges have gone off track.

You can play your part in the Global Tantrum. Here’s how…

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Children under eight can join the Global Tantrum by making their own Tantrum Posters. We’ll take them to world leaders at the UN General Assembly. More info here.

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