Torrential rain and flooding destroys more than 200 schools in Sudan

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Children and adults make their way through floodwaters in Sudan (UNICEF / Nesbitt)

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Three girls were killed and eight others injured when a wall collapsed at a school after weeks of heavy rainfall.

Three schoolgirls were killed and more than 200 schools destroyed or damaged after torrential rain caused devastation in Sudan.

The students died when a wall collapsed at a girls’ school in the city of Omdurman, injuring eight other girls. 

Officials said it fell due to the heavy rainfall and flooding that has hit parts of Sudan over recent weeks. 

At least 211 schools have collapsed along with hundreds of homes, according to local media. No details have been given on whether emergency education will be provided to the students affected.

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About three million children are out of school in Sudan (UN Photo)

A government spokesman confirmed that dozens of schools had been destroyed, particularly in West Kordofan province and Kassala state.

The Khartoum Teachers’ Committee condemned the “negligence” that led to the death of the schoolgirls and called for the state education minister to resign, according to Radio Dabanga.

Last summer, flooding in many parts of Sudan destroyed over 19,000 homes. And in 2016, the seasonal heavy rain and damaged more than 400 public institutions, mostly schools.

An estimated three million children aged from five to 13 are out of school in Sudan, according to UNICEF figures from 2016.

The UN children’s agency said 76% of primary-age children attend school but in secondary that drops to 28%.

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