Syrian girl aged 14 helps thousands of refugees go to school

A Syrian teenager has made it her personal mission to persuade thousands of children at a huge refugee camp to go to school.

Mizune, who is 14, has been going from tent to tent, talking to people about the importance of education.

And now 70% of children at Za'atari camp in Jordan are in school and learning.

Mizune told CNN: “It's very important to me and important to society that I raise awareness. I want to emphasise the importance of education.

“I love school because it helps us to reach our future goals.”

She became passionate about the issue when UNICEF started building schools at Za'atari, home to more than 100,000 refugees.

There are about 2.6million refugees who have fled the conflict in Syria for neighbouring countries in the past three years. An estimated 600,000 of them are in Jordan.

Michele Servadei of UNICEF said: “In many cases, parents think they're going back to Syria soon and it's not worth sending the children to be educated.”

Mizune, whose father has asked that her last name not be used, added: “Life will go on. We can help and improve our nation with education.”

You can see Mizune talking about her work at the CNN website.