“I have changed my pain to happiness and I left all my sadness”

The Young Journalists’ Club, run by Lebanese humanitarian organisation Beyond, gives Syrian refugee children an opportunity to raise awareness about their situation and the problems they face, and to express themselves and deal emotionally with issues of trauma, fear and anger. Members of the Club wrote letters to world leaders, which Theirworld was able to take to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. This blog first appeared on  #UpForSchool Lebanon, campaigning for the right to education for all. Supported by Theirworld.

My strength is my happiness.

The countries I love are called Syria and Lebanon.

The tent is all I have and all I am now.

I have changed my pain to happiness and I left all my sadness.

I will make of my childhood a paradise and my life trees and colours.

I drew a smile on my face and I’m full of hope.

I miss my country and I miss my friends.

When is the return? Answer me!

I will return at any price.

The youngest of five children, Houssein has been in Lebanon five years, almost since the very start of the crisis. He is in the sixth grade in school. He says” “I love the journalists club because it helped me to express myself and make myself heard to the whole world.”