Take Action on International Youth Day #IYD2013

Thousands of young people gathered at the United Nations and around the world on Malala Day. We heard Malala’s incredible message and made a commitment to continue to stand for education; to not falter until every one of the 57 million children currently out of school are in school and learning. So from Monday, August 12, International Youth Day – exactly ONE month since #MalalaDay – let’s show the world what we’ve done and can do to advance the call for education and stand for young people everywhere. 

A critical outcome of the UN Youth Assembly was the adoption of the historic Youth Resolution: The Education We Want, which was presented to the leaders of the United Nations and is being distributed to the governments of the world. The document, drafted by the Youth Advocacy Group for the Global Education First Initiative with inputs from young people in over 77 countries articulates the key concerns of young people on the global education crisis and calls for concrete actions by different actors to address these issues.

On International Youth Day, let’s use this Resolution to continue to highlight these issues and engage our local communities in fighting for the rights of youth. 

Here are a few things you can DO:

  • Make a plan to hand over the Resolution with your local leaders and share it with us – or tweet a picture or video of you handing it over to them using #IYD2013 and/or #MalalaDay.
  • Lead a community discussion on the issues in the resolution and how they apply to what’s going on at home. Again, make sure to document it on Facebook or Twitter using #IYD2013!
  • Tell us what you’ve been inspired to do since #MalalaDay – Tweet or share a blog post, photos, stories, videos #IYD2013 of you in action!

Print the English version of The Youth Resolution: The Education We Want: click here.