Teaching children in Senegal about deforestation and nature

When I was appointed as a Global Youth Ambassador, I created a group of young leaders called the GYA’s Partners.

We discussed the problem of climate change in the world and how to eradicate this scourge. That’s why we have inserted it in our campaign plan including the inspection of water and forest.

Reforestation schools allow us to educate pupils about the environmental and how to protect nature. It allows the students to be aware of the cause of deforestation and to be in contact with nature.

Deforestation is a major cause of climate change in Senegal. That’s the reason we have given our support to schools that have environmental education learning.

We urge pupils to take charge of watering the plants that will be useful in the future because they will study under the palaver tree. We hope that these plants will grow up soon and make the school beautiful.

We must thank our partner inspectors of the water and forests of Dakar – including Captain Dione and all the people who have accompanied me, especially Abdou Souleye Kidiera who facilitated the transportation of these plants.

I thank all the delegates of the GYA’s Partners – Koungheul M. Sankoume Dabo, M. Pape Dobale Fall, M. Pape Babacar Coly and our communication officer M. Michael Badiette. Thanks.