Thank YOU Zainab! Malawi girl’s special message over Mary’s Meals film

Meet Zainab, from Malawi. She heard about Gordon Brown’s support for a new documentary about education charity Mary’s Meals and wanted to say thank you. We loved the photo so much that we wanted to say thank you right back!

Lots of children who benefit from the work of Mary’s Meals have been sending their thanks to famous supporters from Annie Lennox to Arun Gandhi. (Have a look at their Twitter feed to see some more great photos.)

Mary’s Meals, set up during the conflict in Bosnia in 1992, provides daily school meals to over 822,000 children around the world – from Zainab’s home of Malawi to South Sudan, Burma, Ecuador and beyond.

With a hot meal on offer in the canteen, children are more likely to attend school – and when they do, their grades are improved by eating a nutritious lunch every day.

Earlier this month, the charity released a film, Child 31, about its life-changing work. As Gordon Brown says, the film shows how “Mary’s Meals is doing this amazing job in enabling children to go to school and get their education.”

With 57 million primary school-aged children not going to school, the simple but highly effective work of Mary’s Meals is a vital way of helping more children like Zainab into the classroom.

Find out for yourself by watching Child 31 online now.