The ideas of scientists and researchers can help global education

Being a Global Youth Ambassador for A World At School and representing India has meant facing some amazing changes and challenges since I was appointed in April 2014.

Inspired by the saying “with great power comes great responsibility” and helping the global momentum for Education For All, it has been my responsibility in my networks to move to the next level of advocacy efforts with renewed efforts and enthusiasm.

Recently I’ve founded and established a one-of-a-kind media advocacy channel in India, focused on our efforts in global advocacy and the right to education. The prime objectives are to direct the views and opinions of researchers and scientists and raise their voices for global education.

It has been digitally designed with an aim to interact and communicate with research scientists, educationalists and others interested in science and social justice.

The Scientist Post believes that – with positive thoughts and a clear outlook – we do have spectacular power to transform the state of the society we live in.

We are passionately curious to know about the lives and educational journeys of the great scientists of today. We are interested in what they feel for education and believe we can discover the thoughts and ideas which can act as a catalyst in transforming the status of education around the world.

Who knows? Maybe someday, with the innovative applications of science and technology and social sciences, we can see a better world where education would be available for all 58 million children who are out of school.

Discovery can make it happen! So far, the interactions and the musings with The Scientist Post have been delightful and surprising. In a recent interactive session, it was inspiring to learn the educational journey of a few researchers who have been involved in diverse fields – coming from elite educational and scientific research and development laboratories like the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, and Indian Institutes of Science Education Research (Kolkata).

These award-winning scientists gave valuable insightful opinions. One of them, Rama Govindarajan, said: “I admire anyone who serves a noble cause and giving children their rights is one of the noblest things to aspire to. No child should be out of school. It is a child’s birthright to get an education.”

Aruna Dhathathreyan, chief scientist from the world’s largest leather research institute told how he is inspired by a primary school teacher in a remote village in Ooty whose children have to walk 5km every day to reach school; all teachers in government colleges who are trying their best to educate their students in spite of poor laboratory or institutional facilities; and any individual who is motivating children to take up reading as a hobby.

I am working hard to make my advocacy achieve satisfactory and sustained results and to strengthen our mission. I am looking forward to working with as many young people from diverse backgrounds as possible.

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