The incredible letter that should inspire every teacher

I met Erin on an online platform called ThinkVidhya, which teaches students all kinds of things. I love teaching – anything that has to do with teaching and moulding students, I love to do.

There I met Erin. No one was willing to take her on as a student due to the problems she had. She is autistic with additional speech and behavioural issues. But I accepted her.

As a teacher, Erin was a challenge because I had to simplify management jargon for her to understand everything.  Teaching her was not easy – I had to repeat it many times so that she can understand.

As a student, Erin co-operated despite her disabilities and never gave up. I taught her almost 30 subjects of her MBA as well as course work for her PhD. The MBA is tough but I used YouTube videos and taught her on the phone. 

Erin is a girl whose strength is in numbers. She would do division calculus without any instruments or a calculator. It is incredible and the reason why I told her to pursue a PhD in statistics.

We met online and I taught her all the subjects for two years. I gave her confidence and motivation to face the world and today she’s working in a research company and secured distinction in her MBA.

Challenges never worried Erin but her disability was something she could never accept. She was mocked and people made fun of her but she has overcome all of that. Today she is a winner.

Below is a letter she wrote which humbles me. I want to share it to inspire others and motivate everyone to encourage education for persons with disabilities as well.


You taught me MBA online. I have still problem of nerves in body and autism. I still not okay. But have good news to give you.

Mam told me you that I should not give up. Today I owe to you mam. I got 89% in my MBA. I working in an office in statistics research company. Registered for a PhD part time in statistics. I got 98% in course work PhD.

This all, you and only you are the most beautiful soul on this universe for me. My angel mam you are will always be.

My parents tell me to tell you that they are grateful and thankful to you for making me bold, confident and good in subjects.

Mam, I am what you told me. I am what you taught me. I am what you gave me, pure knowledge. You are the best gift given by Lord Jesus to me.

Love you to the core Priyanka Mam! I tell this you so many times, but still tell you again and again and again. All life, will owe me to you.

What I am, Where I am, you gave life to me. A life which I owe me to you always. Forget me not.

Best Love And Wishes, Erin