The power of stories: Project Amplify helps young leaders call for education action

The new cohort is (left to right) back row - Sevil, Daniel, Brenda, Miranda, Gabriel; front row - Ujunwa, Ahmednoor, Sara, Benedicta, Sagar.

Global Youth Ambassadors

Ten of Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassadors will become the second cohort in our training programme - learning how to make their voices heard even more strongly.

Meet the 10 new recruits to Project Amplify – Theirworld’s initiative to help our Global Youth Ambassadors become even more confident advocates for education. 

The 2022 cohort of passionate campaigners who want to make their voices heard even more clearly are aged 21 to 28 and come from as far apart as Peru, Nepal, South Africa and Azerbaijan.

They will build on the success of the 2021 group, who have created change and inspired others in their communities after receiving training on media and communication skills to help them tell their stories more effectively. 

Project Amplify is just one initiative of Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassador (GYA) programme – a network of almost 2,000 young people.  

Ayesha Chaudhry, Project Coordinator for the GYA team, said: “It’s been an incredible experience working with these dedicated and passionate young activists. Our ambitions for this year are to continue supporting these young leaders, uplifting the change they are creating and helping to amplify their voices. “ 

The 2021 Project Amplify cohort have been amazing advocates for education. They have spoken at public forums, shared their messages at major advocacy events and led an open letter campaign to governments and world leaders. 

One of them, Chinedu Isagbah from Nigeria, said: “I have learned how to tell my story, use my passion to better convey my message and communicate effectively.”  

“This has been a wonderful and incredible journey. I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve learned.”

Solomon Ifeanyi Nathaniel, 2021 cohort member from The Gambia

Ann Mwaniki, who runs a non-profit organisation in Kenya, said: “I learned how to touch people’s emotions and give them a reason to identify with me and support what I’m doing.” 

Here are the 10 new Project Amplify members: 

Benedicta Oyedayo Oyewole, 23, from Nigeria 

Passionate about disability and women’s rights, Benedicta is interested in the interconnectedness of sexuality, disability, climate and gender justice. She has spoken on panels at high-level events such as the Global Disability Summit and is excited to learn how to reach different audiences with her message. 

Ahmednoor Bashir Haji, 24, from Kenya 

He runs a non-profit called The KESHO Alliance that aims to improve the lives of marginalised communities. Ahmednoor was named among the top 35 Kenyans under 35 in the education category and has worked with organisations such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth. 

Sara Gabrielli, 24, from Luxembourg  

She studies law at the University of Luxembourg. Sara is also the Vice President of the Luxembourgish Youth Parliament, a member of the National Working Group and a volunteer for the charity Caritas. She is currently working on projects to support refugees and ensuring children are able to continue their education. She wants to develop her public speaking skills. 

Daniel Enock Manoba, 21, from Ghana  

As an undergraduate student at the University of Ghana, Daniel is passionate about promoting inclusive and accessible education to children in remote areas. He volunteers for Future Africa, African Youth Advocate and Daby Foundation. Daniel wants to help his local community and improve his advocacy skills. 

Gabriel Monteiro, 25, from Brazil 

A lawyer and educator in human rights. Having collaborated in designing the First Bill in Peacebuilding and Restorative Justice, Gabriel is passionate about providing humanitarian assistance for diverse communities in Brazil. He is looking forward to boosting his advocacy and communication skills to campaign effectively for education. 


impressions through Project Amplify takeover of Education Commission's social media

Plus 10 online trainings and webinars, eight media articles, seven high-profile speaking roles and six GYA organisations supported during the 2021 cohort programme.

Brenda Delfin, 28, from Peru 

A biologist who works mainly as a research and teaching assistant. As an activist, Brenda is interested in education, mental health and human rights. She is excited to merge her personal and professional experience by developing, improving and applying public policies through neuroscience research, and campaigning and pushing for political discussions and actions. 

Sagar Koirala, 24, from Nepal 

A youth activist, food system champion, educator and climate advocate who has represented Nepal at various international events, such as COP26 and the UN Food Systems Summit 2021. He is passionate about community development and interested in various philanthropic and voluntary activities. 

Ujunwa Umeokeke, 26, from Nigeria 

An associate consultant at Africa Practice, a consulting firm providing advisory and advocacy solutions to individuals and businesses. Ujunwa is keen on building an educational vision for Nigeria where learning gaps are bridged and children have equitable access to education. She is most excited about the public speaking aspect of Project Amplify. 

Sevil Suleymanova, 26, from Azerbaijan 

She is a gender, education and innovation enthusiast. Currently an MA student in International Relations, Sevil wants to create opportunities for women and girls in Azerbaijan. She is eager to get involved in public speaking and learn about advocacy and how to use media channels effectively. 

Ekema Ndolo Miranda, 26, from South Africa 

A resourceful female leader and feminist who is passionate about education in emergencies, global health and community strengthening. Born in Cameroon, Miranda’s own education was disrupted due to conflict and now her work cuts across promoting access for children in emergency settings, campaigning for education financing and around the HIV/ tuberculosis and malaria responses.

Among the highlights for the 2021 cohort were:

  • Project Amplify GYAs led on an open letter to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on ivestment in early childhood education, while Anna Mwaniki spoke at a press briefing in Kenya.
  • Ajwok Valentino from South Sudan spoke at a UNICEF/UNESCO event on eearly childhood education. Motunrayo Fatoke from Nigeria moderated a technology event hosted by the Global Partnership for Education.
  • Yuv Sungkur from Mauritius launched his own NGO and attended the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth.

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