The Youth Education Crisis Committee launches for Syrian Refugee Children

We are announcing the founding of a Youth Education Crisis Committee, a group of prominent international youth leaders, who will lead the call of young people around the world for a robust and urgent response to the education crisis, starting with the 1 million Syrian refugee children.

In the coming days and months, we will galvanize the growing chorus of young leaders around the world calling for education to be guaranteed beyond borders. We will mobilize youth networks, help to amplify the voices of Syrian refugees and put concerted pressure on the international community to not let the dream of education slip for 1 million Syrian refugee children.

We understand that when crisis hits, young people lose many things, but the worst thing that they can lose is hope. And only education provides hope for a peaceful, better and productive future. We cannot let the Syrian refugee children lose hope of a bright future. We cannot afford another lost generation. Our committee will help amplify the voices of Syrian children calling for education and do all in our power to keep the pressure on world leaders to act with the urgency required to guarantee education for children in crises situations.

The committee will be chaired by Sierra Leonean Youth Advocate Chernor Bah, and launched the UN Special Envoy on Youth, Mr Ahmad Alhendawi and disability advocate and UN Youth Courage Award Winner Ashwini Angadi and Syrian Youth Activitist Farah Haddad.