Theirworld launches global youth survey ahead of historic education summit

We’re making sure the voices of our Global Youth Ambassadors and other young people will be heard at the Transforming Education Summit, called by the UN Secretary-General.

Theirworld is ensuring the voices of young people will be heard loud and clear when world leaders hold historic talks aimed at tackling the global education crisis. 

We will be at the Transforming Education Summit, hosted in New York during the United Nations General Assembly in September. And we’ll be sharing the passionate views of our network of Global Youth Ambassadors (GYAs) and others with the international decision-makers. 

To gather those opinions, Theirworld today launches a youth survey to ask what our GYAs and other young people aged 16 to 30 across the world think and feel about education, their future, the effects of the pandemic on learning, and what actions they want leaders to take. Some of those taking part are teenagers currently out of school.


Our Global Youth Ambassadors are a network of about 2,000 education activists aged 18 to 30 in more than 90 countries. 

Dawn Humphreys, Head of Youth Engagement at Theirworld, said: “This is a critical opportunity for the voices of young people to be heard by world leaders. With 260 million children and young people out of school and millions more not learning the basic skills, urgent and bold action is needed. 

“The survey will give great insight into how education has been disrupted over the last few years and the impact that has had on children, young people and their futures. It will also ask our GYAs and others what steps they want leaders to take to ensure we achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 – inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning for all by 2030.”  

The summit was convened by UN Secretary-General Antoñio Guterres, who sees the talks as a crucial opportunity to focus on decisive and innovative action.

He said: “The Transforming Education Summit will seek to renew our collective commitment to education and lifelong learning as a pre-eminent public good.” 

Guterres wants young people to help shape the event and take part in its various tasks, which include consultations at a country level and spotlighting specific areas of action. 

One of those areas is education financing and the need for increased funding to help countries transform their education systems.

4 GYAs

will attend the Transforming Education Pre-summit in Paris on from June 28 to 30


The summit will consider an International Financing Plan for Investing in Education and Children, proposed by Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education. 

The UN’s Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed, who will also be at the event, said: “This learning crisis is a disaster for the world’s young people, especially in developing countries. It demands an immediate response.

“Together, we can make the Transforming Education Summit not just a gathering about education but a turning point for education – and a hefty boost for SDG 4.”