Theirworld launches Rewriting the Code campaign to bring equal opportunities to girls

Why don’t girls around the world have equal access to education? Why don’t women have equal pay and equal opportunity in the workplace?

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Theirworld is launching #RewritingTheCode – a campaign to change the embedded values that keep 63 million girls around the world out of school.

Embedded values start before a girl is even born and shape the world around her. Too often people are okay with saying: That’s not for girls. Girls aren’t good at that. Girls belong at home. Girls can wait. This code was written before our time, but imagine a world where we change those embedded values and girls around the world have the opportunity to become all that they can be. Girls are powerful and ready to lead if given the opportunity. Let’s break down those barriers.

Will you take a stand this International Women’s Day and call on the world to start getting serious about #RewritingTheCode? We can help rewrite the future for a generation of women by making this the moment we help change embedded values. We want a future where no girl is left out of the classroom, the boardroom, or the conversation – we want girls to become future leaders.

What can you do?

Today you can join celebrities, business leaders, influencers, campaigners and youth from all over the world supporting the #RewritingTheCode campaign with one simple social action.

1. Post a photo

Share a photo of yourself holding up a sign with what embedded code you would like to change and use the #RewritingTheCode. Need some inspiration for what embedded value are you rewriting?

Here are some options to copy and paste. We are using the angled brackets as .

Use the hashtag #RewritingTheCode and the suggested messages below – or write your own – when you post your photo.


I’m #RewritingTheCode on #IWD2016 because I want to change the embedded values that hold girls back!


On #IWD2016 I’m joining @theirworld in #RewritingTheCode. How? By trying to change embedded values that keep 63 million girls around the world out of school. I want to see a world where every girl has equal opportunity to learn and a future where every woman has equal opportunity to lead. Join me?


This #IWD2016, I’m #RewritingTheCode with @theirworldorg. How? By fighting embedded values that keep girls out of school and prevents them from realising their potential. We can change the world if we change the code for girls! Join me?

2. No time for a photo?

No problem! Just use the suggested messages below on social media and encourage people to get serious about gender equality now.

I’m #RewritingTheCode on #IWD2016 because I want to see a future where girls are not discriminated against because of their gender.

I’m #RewritingTheCode with @theirworld on #IWD2016 because I want a world where every girl can go to school without fear or discrimination!

Girls are powerful. It’s time to change the embedded values that hold them back! That’s why I’m #RewritingTheCode this #IWD2016. 

Join the #RewritingTheCode movement and share how you want to change the world for girls! #IWD2016

3. Spread the word

Promote #RewritingTheCode #IWD2016 activity on social media and join the movement.

Share the work of fellow code breakers. Ask your friends to share the what they are doing to change the world for girls.

Just make sure to use #RewritingTheCode so it is all part of the global conversation.


#RewritingTheCode and Theirworld’s work across Africa is supported by the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.