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Theirworld Reports

Below, you can find a list of publications Theirworld has produced for its Best Start and Safe Schools campaigns.

Safe Spaces: The Urgent Need for Early Childhood Development in Emergencies and Disasters

More than 16 million babies were born in conflict zones in 2015 – an average of 43,835 per day. Despite that, more than 60% of education aid appeals lack clear plans for early learning programmes or psychosocial support for children under five to access the safe spaces they need to learn, grow and recover. This report outlines how these children will be left to suffer from psychological trauma, toxic stress and poor brain development until their needs are prioritised in humanitarian response plans.

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No lost generation –  holding to the promise of education for all Syrian refugees

The Syria conflict has given rise to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Some 4.8 million people have fled the country as refugees.

Another 6.6 million are displaced in Syria. The country’s civilian population has been subjected to widespread and systematic violations of human rights. Meeting at the London Conference on Supporting Syria and the Region in February 2016, the international community recognised that current efforts to support Syria’s displaced population and refugees in neighbouring countries were falling far short of the minimum levels required. Pledges in excess of US$12bn were announced. Those pledges have not been honoured. The gap between pledge and delivery is hurting Syria’s children.

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Neglected Crisis Brief: Poverty, terror and threat of famine in the Lake Chad Basin

The humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad Basin is one of the most severe and least addressed emergencies in the world today. The urgency of the situation critically affecting over 9 million people across Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon demands immediate action. This brief examines the neglect in attention and funding and calls for urgent action.

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Nutrition and Early Childhood Development in East and Southern Africa: A Snapshot of Equity Gaps and Opportunity

Theirworld’s snapshot highlights the equity gaps in Early Childhood Development in East and Southern Africa. Compiling the latest statistics on ECD indicators, with a focus on nutrition, the data tells a very clear story: millions of children are being left behind at every developmental milestone, and those left behind are disproportionately poor. This snapshot paints an alarming picture of early childhood development in these countries, but it also makes clear where we can begin to have the greatest impact.

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Call to action for the Best Start in life: Stop neglecting pre-primary education investments

The development of millions of children will suffer unless governments step up and increase their commitment to pre-primary education for every child. Almost half the world’s children (over eighty percent in low-income countries) are excluded from the significant benefits of pre-primary schooling, according to our scorecard.

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Best Start Brief: Early Childhood Development in Conflict and Protracted Crisis

Theirworld has made the case many times for the critical importance of providing education for children living through conflict and protracted crises. Just as education can be a life-saving intervention for older children, early childhood development programmes offer similar protection and support for the youngest children, some of whom have only ever known life as a refugee.  The need for early childhood development programmes in emergency settings is deeply urgent; children cannot afford to wait.

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Best Start Brief: The Childcare Crisis

While the importance of education for all is easily agreed on, childcare remains a seriously misunderstood and overlooked issue, pervaded by the misconception that parents – particularly mothers – can afford to provide at-home care for their children full time. For many families, this is far from reality.

Theirworld’s brief focuses on the nexus between childcare and early childhood development, outlining both the challenges and ways to move forward on ensuring all children have access to affordable, quality care.

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Theirworld would like to thank its funders who have contributed to the research and publication of these reports and continue to support our Best Start and Safe Schools campaign. They include:


Dubai Cares


Dangote Foundation


People’s Postcode Lottery


as well as support from the Global Business Coalition for Education.


Conrad N Hilton Foundation is supporting Theirworld on its Early Childhood Development work and a project to support Syrian refugee education in Turkey.